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The History of England is the best history podcast on the planet - bar none.
Why? Let me count the ways....
First, Englands history is a great story. Second, and most important is - David Crowther. That's all it takes.
David Crowther loves English history. It makes a difference. He is also a natural storyteller. With the synergy present here, like a good book, you can't put him down.
His narrative is captivating - well researched, well organized, professionally crafted and properly paced. You would not think him an amateur! The only thing that gives it away are some of the early episodes, when he first started. It did not take him long to get his bearings....
On top of all that, he seems a likable sort...
We all know that nothing is perfect, and that is true here, as well. Every once in a while, the @#%# will do a cliffhanger, and leave you hanging for a week or two. I can't tell you how much that irritates me! The fact that I still listen is a testimonial to the quality of his show!
Give it a go. You won't regret it, unless you are pressed for time! You will be hooked!
The Ancient World

The Ancient World


History , Podcasts
The Ancient World is the history podcast I enjoy the most. That is saying a lot, as I have listened to over forty series. TAW is the only one I have listened to three times (so far) in its entirety! On average, each episode has a much higher density of information than most history podcasts. A big plus is that Scott doesn't use over-long music tracks, or nonsense fill to make up for lack of material. Oh no. Scott never suffers from a lack of material! I love this guy!
It is unique in many ways - ways that make a huge difference to me. Scott covers really interesting history that is off the beaten path (mostly), which makes listening a real pleasure. Well researched episodes, laced with a bit of humor and commentary, affixed to a foundation of true love, awe, and respect for history and the people that live there. Fascinating stories of heroes, villains and events that have made our world what it is.
The episodes are well crafted, clever, and maintain a comfortable pace that will keep you going without leaving you in the dust, wondering what happened. He has a pleasant, clear voice that complements the material perfectly!
Scotts work has gifted me with a much better understanding of how civilization has progressed (and regressed) since the stone age. In addition, I have also been exposed to more bizarre names than I ever thought existed!
Try it..you'll like it - alot!

Featured Review

The History of English Podcast

The History of English Podcast

by Simon Wheeler

As an Englishman I find the content not just incredibly interesting but also very fulfilling as I learn the historical origins of the words, grammar and syntax that I use - almost without thinking - every day. It's given me a real insight into my own culture and the way that I communicate with ot...
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The History of English Podcast

The History of English Podcast

by lorrainegehrin

Love the History of English podcast and its website. The maps are great and the audio samples, like the Gregorian chants or "Sumer Is Icumen In" add so much to an already terrific podcast.

I also bought from the website the Beowulf audiobook, which was terrific, and my husband boug...

The History of Byzantium

The History of Byzantium

by lorrainegehrin

Very much enjoy The History of Byzantium podcast and website. I like the maps on the site and the ability to buy special episodes from the site.

I wish there was an easier way to get to specific episodes, or at least specific maps. Still, the site is so much better than many simil...



by Trowel Wallets

too many spam sites and broken links displayed, they need to clean up the search results other than traffic-related sites displayed on the first page. how about they request additional info at the search text entry.

Holman Exhibits

Holman Exhibits

by Lavish Limo


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