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Podcasts , History
The website is a basic blog style list of posts linking to individual podcast episodes, with the option to leave comments. It is augmented by the inclusion of a bibliography (which is unfortunately not up-to-date with the podcast as of January 2015), as well as with links to various other works by the author. The blog entries often have little in the way of actual content to support the audio podcast, but it all works well enough.

The podcast itself presents a pleasant narrative summary of various political revolutions in (early) modern history, though the traditional choice of topics means the author is often firmly on the beaten path.
The website has a layout and style familiar from other blogs. Each entry links to an episode of the podcast, and the sidebar has all the standard content such as links to other blogs, podcasts, the website's sponsor etc. The blog entries could perhaps be enhanced with various tags to make it easier to find similar entries, but all in all the functionality is more than satisfactory.

The aesthetics of the site are nice enough, and go along well with the theme of the podcast without entering into the realm of caricature. The blog entries enhance the podcast episodes in meaningful ways with interesting photographs and maps. Both of which tend to be well chosen and easy to understand, and the latter is also true for the website in general.

The podcast itself is easy to recommend; Mr. Pierson presents an interesting, well told and suitably multi-faceted narrative of the Eastern Roman Empire. He avoids falling into the 'politics only' trap and keeps his listeners informed about the world outside the palace walls; from matters of religion, every day life, the ideas and views of the time, to the international context. Perhaps the only thing missing from this broad view is a closer look at the world of trade and economic activity in general.

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Ars Technica

Ars Technica

by tb2571989

I started reading Ars Technica after leaving LifeHacker as I wasn't a fan of the re-design. I still find myself back every now and then, but Ars is one of my daily check-ups.

One of Ars' strengths is the seriously in-depth articles and reviews. The ridiculious but fascinating 40,00...
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by minio

I think the site looks dull now. I hope it evolves into more modern design. And also consider user experience.

The History of Byzantium

The History of Byzantium

by KrisA

I heartily agree with the reviews on this podcast series left so far by other listeners. I've not yet listened to Mike Duncan's History of Rome podcast (though I'm now inspired to do so), but the History of Byzantium podcast is a tour de force from Robin. He has done a sterling and balanced job...

The History of English Podcast

The History of English Podcast

by KrisA

I have found the History of English podcast absolutely riveting; in fact, I 'binged- listened' my way through the first 100 or so episodes, and am very relieved that there are clearly many more to come :-). History via etymology - a great concept, well-delivered by Kevin. Highly recommended.

The History of Byzantium

The History of Byzantium

by wlad

It's so amazing that we have the opportunity to listen to so many years of history is such a fine detail. It's a marvel of the modern world. Thanks for doing this, Robin!

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