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CakeHealth makes it easy to understand and manage your health care. We show you how much you're spending and how you might be able to save money.

CakeHealth founder, Rebecca Woodcock, came up with the idea for a new health start-up after experiencing the inefficiencies of today's health care payment system first hand. When a close friend of hers suddenly developed epilepsy, Rebecca stepped in to help but was quickly overwhelmed by the task. In just months, her friend's high deductible insurance plan had been exhausted from multiple hospital visits, treatments and expensive anti-seizure medication. It seemed impossible to keep track of all the different services, and costs were spiraling out of control.

After a tumultuous few months of documenting her friend's medical expenses, Rebecca presented the information to a neurologist who was then able to recognize the specific type of epilepsy and change his treatment. This personal experience led Rebecca to develop CakeHealth in early 2010, because achieving good health shouldn't be hard. Cake is located in the Bay Area of California, but our partners are located around the US.

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Such a fantastic podcast!
Duncan has a knack for narrative history, taking all the disparate stories and facts and weaving it all together into a story that's fun and engaging.
It's also very well researched.
Would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in history.



by minio

I think the site looks dull now. I hope it evolves into more modern design. And also consider user experience.

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The History of Byzantium

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I heartily agree with the reviews on this podcast series left so far by other listeners. I've not yet listened to Mike Duncan's History of Rome podcast (though I'm now inspired to do so), but the History of Byzantium podcast is a tour de force from Robin. He has done a sterling and balanced job...

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