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Huckleberry is dedicated to providing the best range of natural and organic products in New Zealand.

To provide an alternative to the faceless modern conventional supermarkets, we introduced a set of values to ensure that everything in our stores meets strict criteria for ingredients. Artificial preservatives, colourings, flavourings and thickeners have no place on our shelves – We sell food that is made the traditional way, before the days of chemical additives.

Huckleberry Farms is also number one destination people with restricted diets and food allergies, especially those looking for gluten free groceries.

We always look to purchase locally first and many of our suppliers are small businesses who wouldn’t be able to supply large supermarket chains. But quality products will always have a home at Huckleberry Farms.

Thousands of people each week do their family food shop in our stores rather than in the supermarkets. Huckleberry Farms is a destination for anyone who cares about food, health and the environment.

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