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Fashion , Clothing

Rent the Runway is an online service that provides designer dress and accessory rentals. Initially a purely e-commerce company, it began to expand into brick-and-mortar in 2013, opening three retail locations nationwide.

Rent the Runway was started by Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, who met at Harvard Business School and launched the company in November 2009. Rent the Runway now offers over 50,000 dresses and 10,000 accessories from over 200 designer partners, including Badgley Mischka, Vera Wang, Alexis Bittar, Carolina Herrera and Calvin Klein.

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Rent the Runway started it all. Truly. It inspired this very website, FlitterWeb.

Here I was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with my fiance with nary a city in sight when we happen through an area with internet connection and I get an email from RTR reminding me that my rental dresses needed to be shipped back before noon the next day. (A great reminder by the by seeing as I would undoubtably forget.) But wait. I didn't have any dresses! Did I? Yes, I did. In Chicago, hundreds and hundreds of miles away. I was SO mad! Why did my dresses arrived a week early?!?

Panicked, I insisted my fiance pull over at the next rest stop so I could call customer service and, simultaneously, pace. See, I had ordered some dresses for my sister's bachelorette party that was set for the lovely Windy City the NEXT weekend. Not this one. So what happened next, you ask? I got ahold of a customer service rep who was so INCREDIBLY gracious. Wait, what? You heard me. Gracious and helpful. Never was there any finger pointing, never did I feel like I was going to be screwed, and never has my anger deflated so quickly. We got it all worked out. Package returned, not a single cent more spent, the dresses would be returned on the proper weekend, and I was smiling as I hung up. I got back in the car and babbled about how great this company is. But how could I tell everyone else? Yelp does storefronts. What about online businesses? I can review on RTR but I wanted the whole world to know!

And thus FlitterWeb was born.

RTR has an incredible website with clean, elegant lines. It's easy to navigate and, seriously, how has no one ever thought of this before? It's a brilliant business model. And the business itself has qualities that so many other's lack. I've worked in the customer service industry for over a decade and no company has every allowed me to be this caring about it's customers. Also, previous costumers can upload photos of themselves so you can see how it would look on you. The models are gorgeous but honestly, how many of us have legs that go for days? Very few, I tell you.

Anyway, I cannot speak more highly of this company. They fixed my mistake (yes, I'm ashamed to say, it turns out the entire fiasco was entirely my own fault) and they did so happily. Now I look for reasons to rent from them.

They have a customer for life.

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