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Swapna Rajput


Literature , Personal Blogs

I am a versatile writer love to write on various topics. I live in Thane (Maharashtra). I am Marketing post graduate and worked in Marketing sector for more than 5 years.

Writing is my hobby since my teenage years. I wrote many shayaries, jokes and short stories during academics for local magazines and college year books. Now I am full time author and blogger. I am a complete tomboy and love bike riding, travelling, photography and food.

My first novel “The Beautiful Roses” (First edition was published in April 2011 and second in January 2015) is a Fiction/ Romance genre, containing 6 romantic love stories which are widely appreciated by the readers. It is India’s first Hinglish book and that is a specialty of this book.

Second book “Amazing Legends of India” is a special history book containing the true stories of all the Indian legends from all the regions, beginning from the time of mythology till 18th century. It has many interesting facts about India which are rarely available anywhere other than this book. These books are available on all online stores mentioned in the specific articles (click on the book names).

My 4th novel 'In Search of Soulmates' will be launched in the month of Jan-2017. Read more about the novel and grab your copies of all the above books to enjoy the versatility.

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The History of Byzantium

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