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Clothing , Fine Art

Threaded Canvas is part of a community that extends around the world. We have artists from across the globe bringing the highest quality designs that are the best of the best and handpicked for you by the Threaded Canvas Team. Each month will be a collection of designs that you'll be proud to display on your wall and on you. All for the low price of $20.00, you will receive 3 art t-shirts and one art print. Come celebrate creativity with Threaded Canvas.

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Taylor R.

Taylor R.


I have very mixed feelings about Threaded Canvas. On the one hand, it's a really neat concept. If you like art, T-shirts, and supporting independent artists, this is a great site for you. It is fairly new though, and the site and the service still has a lot of kinks to work out. It gets a little bit of leeway because the site is still new and under construction, but not much leeway - they should have a lot of the kinks straightened out by now, but they don't.

They offer the opportunity to just buy a piece of art or T-shirt that you get to choose, or you can get the subscription box that they put together. It would be cool to be able to choose what shirts/art prints you want, but surprise boxes every month are ridiculously fun, so I got that instead. It's $20 a month for the box, but they also charge $7 shipping, making the actual total $27 a month. They also charge more for larger shirts (2X or up) and for different styles (tanks, long sleeves, etc).

With $27 a month, you get a box with three unisex shirts (XL or smaller) that they choose - you get no say in the design or color whatsoever, so it's hit or miss. I've gotten a very pretty light gray shirt with a beautiful piece of art printed on it that I would seriously wear every day if I could, and I've also gotten a horrid bright yellow shirt with an owl wearing sun glasses - just not my style. You also get one frame-able high quality piece of art and three smaller pieces of art (last month I got a button, a post card, and one of those rubber bracelets that were all the rage a few years ago). They also usually throw in a piece of candy (I got a dum dum sucker last month).

The T-shirts are pretty good quality shirts. I've only gotten the standard unisex ones, so I can't speak for the other styles they have, but they're just plain old good quality T-shirts with art printed on them. The print looks like it will start to flake off eventually, but that's to be expected - every shirt that has that kind of print on it does that.

The website is very faulty and needs a lot of improvement. I'm not sure if they've fixed it yet, but they have a countdown that's supposed to be 24 or 48 hours, I forget which, on the website for the T-shirt special of the day, and on some pages the countdown says over 5,000 days for some reason, so that's a glitch. Every time you go on the home page, a popup asking you to sign up for the newsletter will come up, which is really annoying after about the fifth time; I understand trying to get people to sign up for your newsletter, but find a way to get it to stop after they do or have an option to get the popup to stop. Also, the formatting of the text is messed up and hard to read in a lot of places, mainly in the My Account section.

Customer service is always very polite, but they take a long time to get back to you. There's also been a delay in shipping for the past two months, ever since I signed up. The first time they sent out a mass email apologizing for the delay, but this time they didn't say anything until I sent an email asking about it. Boxes are supposed to ship out by the end of the month. They email you with a tracking number and say to give it 3 days to update and then up to 3 days after that to receive your package. I got the tracking link on November 23rd; it's now December 5th and it still hasn't updated. The same thing happened last month. When I sent an email asking about it, they just said that most of their boxes had already shipping and that the tracking link would update by the weekend (the 6th).

I'm considering cancelling my subscription because of the delay in shipping without an explanation and because of customer service not being very attentive, albeit polite. It is a really good idea and I was excited about it, but it's getting to where the cons outweigh the pros for me.

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