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Buck Swihart is the head trainer for the Off Leash K9 Training program in the greater Pittsburgh area. Looking back over many years, there has rarely been a time when Buck did not have a dog or two in his life! Starting in infancy with his dalmatian and then later in his childhood his family bred and raised boxers, which ultimately became his favorite breed. Over the years, Buck has rescued numerous boxers and even a labrador retriever. Having energetic large breed dogs, Buck knew the importance of training. His dogs were able to be active members of the family, enjoying their lives, meeting new people and dogs and above all having the freedom of being off leash. Even the county dog enforcement officer knows Buck’s yard is the place where all the dogs run free without issue.

Buck has always believed quality dog training is the key to a great life for any canine family member! His son, Bryan, researched Off Leash K9 Training, LLC and started the Charlottesville area branch with great success. Buck immediately saw the benefits of the Off Leash K9 Training system and how it works for ANY AGE, ANY SIZE, AND ANY BREED of dog.

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