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The Workers Comp blog is a resource page for injured workers going through the Workers Compensation process. My name is Lucas and I live in sunny Los Angeles, California.

I created this page for everything related to the Workers Compensation system. In this site you will find articles about the issues affecting the injured worker and “how to do it your self ” post. You may also submit your stories or experiences and I will try to post them on the site.

Remember, I am not an attorney and this site is only for educational purposes and it should not be use as legal advice. The information on this blog is written from my perspective and so it can be inaccurate. Should you be in need of legal advice, please contact an attorney immediately.

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Strange decision to use Comic Sans as the font for the titles of the website headings.

I could not find a way to navigate away from the homepage to any deeper links with more information. One would expect that the left skyscraper section would be hotlinked to more examples.
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