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Zero Punctuation is a series of video game reviews created by English comedy writer and video game journalist Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. Since the series began in 2007, over 300 episodes have been created, which have been published weekly by internet magazine The Escapist. Episodes are typically about five minutes in length and provide critical insight into recently released video games.

Croshaw usually reviews a game or games in a highly critical manner using rapid-fire speech delivery accompanied by minimalistic cartoon imagery and animation on a distinctive yellow background, which illustrates what is being said or provides an ironic counterpoint to it. Subtle references or jokes may be inserted to the visuals for comic effect or to add additional context to the narration. His reviews are intended to be humorous with constant usage of puns, analogies, metaphors, and dark humour accompanied by liberal use of profanity. Croshaw, who uses his "Yahtzee" alias while reviewing, usually substitutes the main character or himself with his own avatar, a cartoon man distinguished by a trilby. Another character used often is an imp-like creature (originally meant to resemble a "darkling" from The Darkness) which represents antagonists, animals, or less important characters from a video game. Video games, developers, countries, and other entities are often anthropomorphized as box arts, logos, or flags with arms and legs when they are being addressed directly, or when an action by that entity is being explained.

Zero Punctuation opens and closes with a theme song, a rock track composed and performed by Ian Dorsch. The ending credits usually feature humorous notes or other information relating to the review, as well as imagery of characters from the review engaging in slapstick. Prior to mid-2008, Zero Punctuation featured commercial songs at the beginning and end of each episode, which were usually related to the context of or ironically at odds with the game in question.

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Recommended Reviews

Alexander Winn

Alexander Winn


This is a fantastic webseries! Absolutely hilarious, and a great way to figure out which video games you might like to check out. The cartoony visuals are matched perfectly with the mile-a-minute narration, and the witty satire and blunt criticism comes at you so fast it builds on its own comedy like a Oscar Wilde play.

It's worth noting, though, that Yahtzee is VERY critical, so don't bypass a game just because he tears it apart: in three years, I think I've seen two unequivocally positive reviews.

My only complaint would be that the website is super-basic, not allowing for much other than a list of recent videos without much design or elegance. It's hard to complain too much about this, seeing as how it's just a sub-section of the larger Escapist website, but still it would be nice to see some differentiation for the webseries.



Hilarious, fast paced- just what my internet trained brain wants!

Great, super critical reviews paired with fun animation? What more could you ask for?!

He rips games apart (and plenty of those games are ones I love), but he does so in such a comical way that it's hard to be upset. Just take the reviews with a grain of salt.

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