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What people are saying about Wikipedia

"its a good site of source of knowledge but not..."
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"I feel as though I might have learned more from..."
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"Joke's on you, LoveHorses235. Wikipedia is all..."
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Popular Reviews

What people are saying about The Unofficial Tex Murphy Web Site

"I'm a huge Tex Murphy fan and love the resource..."
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"I have been a member of this site for over 10 y..."
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"Never heard of Tex Murphy but looks interesting..."
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Featured Review

The History of Rome

The History of Rome

by robinpierson

One of the great history podcasts. Mike's greatest skill is his ability to walk the line between novice and expert. I always felt informed and entertained without being patronised or overwhelmed. Throw in his sense of humour and command of tone and you have a podcast that will stand the test of t...
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Recent Reviews

Edgeworks Entertainment

Edgeworks Entertainment

by Jacely

All I needed was a prove to show the judges I married a Cheat! So I could get a divorce . I tried hard but my ex wife is good at keeping things. I finally found this hacker (Support @ hacker4wise. com) he hacked into his phone in less than 2 hours. And I got all the prove I needed . Contact him t...

The Professional Hackers

The Professional Hackers

by Kim1980

Their website looks professional, I hired and was asked to pay $950US in Bitcoin to them which I did as asked, 2 days later asked for update only to be told I had to pay $500US more for late fee before I could get info, after I refused knowing I had been scammed yet again he then proceeded to thr...

The Professional Hackers

The Professional Hackers

by Carman

Have you actually being a survivor of trick? or then again have you lost your cash to counterfeit programmers on the web? I beseech you to contact this trust commendable programme...

The Egyptian History Podcast

The Egyptian History Podcast

by MarlonZ

The Egyptian History Podcast is a really great History Podcast. Dominic Perry is very passionated and does an excellent Job explaining the History of one of the worlds oldest Civilizations. The podcast is informative, entertaining and its lots of fun listening to it.

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